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    Cretures Of The Shadows- Rules


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    Cretures Of The Shadows- Rules Empty Cretures Of The Shadows- Rules

    Post  Curte on Wed May 16, 2012 9:29 pm

    Cretures Of The Shadows- Rules Scan0015
    Any and every member that joins is to read up on the rules. If members are caught breaking such rules, they will be warned twice before a removal. Older members will be in suspension. We stretch these rules seriously and only ask other to comply to them as best as they can to avoid any type of misunderstanding so they we may all enjoy the game as intended. Thank you

    Character Appearance: We accept mostly anything. But no neon colors. If you are bright green it will have to change to a duller color. We arent sparkle animals here.

    Group Tag: All members must have their group tag, CTS implemented behind their name. Look like you're a part of the clan.

    Respect: You must show respect to your fellow members as well as your higher ranks. Inappropriate behavior towards one another will not be tolerated, you will be removed.

    Activity: Please be active. If you're going to join the clan at least show that you're serious about your choice and remain as active as possible. Inactivity for more than a week will result in a removal from the clan. If you will need to be away for a period of time, please let any member know so they can tell a leader, mod, or Admin and post an away message on the site. Newly recruits must be active for a full week to be appointed from recruit rank.

    Maturity: You must have some degree of maturity. Everyone can be immature at times, sure, but please, don't be so severe about it.

    Behavior: This goes along the lines of respect. Members will not be allowed to run about, and harass or act vulgar towards members or other players taint the name of the clan. Strong usage of Vulgarity, such as, raping, talking about rape lightly, buttsex, actions suggesting sex, excessive talk about the vaginal and penile glands (in a non educational way) is not allowed. Perversion, being heavily perverted, is not allowed. Second act against this behavioral rule after a warning will result in your removal followed by an announcement via in-game pm and site pm with reason of kick. Any other misbehaving acts such as "buttswining" another player are strictly discouraged unless it's someone you know.

    Language: Mild language is only acceptable either in group chat, or in RP. Be mindful that younger players also play Feral Heart. "Shit" is a passable word if used every once in a blue moon. In the rp every once in while "Fuck" is usable.

    OOC Drama:Please refrain from bringing any personal problems you may be dealing with onto others. It's fine if you'd like to have someone to talk about it with you, just keep it at a minimal level. We are here for you, not for a soap opera.

    Character Denied: If, for whatever reason, you cannot follow, or have an issue these simple rules, you will be given very few warnings before a removal out of the clan.

    Grammar: It would be most appreciated if RP did not consist any type of "text-talk". Adding that extra letter won't hurt. And, if you rp non-literate, you will be asked to rp a little more detailed. We dont want this: Heyyy wuts up!? Omg! U need 2 calm down.And I just chillin. That is not permitted. You will be warned twice then kicked if it continues.

    Decency: God-mode is not allowed, -ever- . If you happen to RP with someone using god-mode, ignore them and move along. One-hit wonders are also not allowed IC or OOC.

    Rouges: There are allowed loners. As long as they join in the pack. You may be a loner for a day, but no attacks on the packs. You must join the pack within two days.(In the rp you must join)

    Treason: Members found guilty of treason will be exiled. Killing another member of the clan will result in your death by a assassin or Alpha.

    Adoption: A female looking to adopt a youngling without a mate will share the responsibility with another pack member of there choosing. Younglings found outside the clan will be given to den mothers until a suitable adoptive parent claims ownership. Enemy younglings will be automatically killed.

    Courtship: No insta-mating allowed. Mates outside the clan are allowed, as long as it is not a part of an enemy force. Mates found to be a part of an enemy opponent will be an act of violation to the clan and the member will be exiled. No mates of different species unless you take it up with the leaders, all of them.

    Discipline: Opposing any authority higher than you will result in harsh punishment given by a Beta or alpha and made as an example towards the rest of the clan. Apposing an Alpha will be certain death.

    No Fighting within the group! Its the Char you are mad at! not the person!

    If you have a problem with someone, talk to one of the leaders! They will handle it and get BOTH sides of the stories instead of just one!

    If you are leader you CANT show favoritism to your own pack member! I will most likely get another pack leader to decide who is should get to do what and why.

    Please follow these rules. Any behavior that does not follow these rules will result in a warn, or worse. Thank you.

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